EAS - Peru

EAS is an environmental consulting firm made up of scientists and engineers who are experts in different environmental disciplines geared to assessments for the extractive and productive industries. It concentrates its expertise in hydrogeochemistry and advises the preventive engineering of projects incorporating environmental and social criteria from planning to achieve sustainable and viable projects under international standards. We offer solutions applied to competitive rates with a wide range of environmental consulting services for extractive, productive, state and private institutions. The industry has the challenge of finding a balance between an investment that assures its return and the implementation of socio-environmental standards that makes the development of a project feasible. This goal requires developing viable solutions, tailored to projects that maintain operational costs, while generating a net contribution to social and environmental sustainability in its area of influence. EAS is registered as a consultant specializing in the preparation of environmental impact studies in various sectors including mining, hydrocarbons, electricity, transport and others.

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