Due to the nature of my work, I travel all around the world, and I see every day different cultures, economies, and climatic conditions, that makes me reflect on the real meaning of things, and this made me think about our Inogen   

Many leading global businesses would regard the introduction of well-being initiatives as a normal element of their high operating standards, with leading financial institutions and the tech giants setting the standards.  Flexible working space, engaging environments and readily available quality

What makes a city smart and sustainable? Denkstatt recently tried to answer this question – both in theory by developing a new position paper on smart cities together with stakeholders from the real estate and urban development sectors and in practice by integrating sustainability in a district development project in the Austrian city Amstetten.
By Nigel Landon Global news has been full recently with dire warnings about the state of our planets’ oceans and the rising tide of waste, mostly plastic (est. >80%), which is killing marine life, birds and mammals dependent on the sea for food, pooling in vast ocean slicks, and blanketing our beaches.

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