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Client // OMV Petrom S.A.

Service // Remediation
Site Investigation

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Associate // HPC BERLIN

Project Location // Bucharest, Romania

OMV Petrom S.A.


Consultant; planning and execution of investigation as well as planning and supervision of remediation.


OMV Petrom planned the erection of a new central administration complex ("Petrom City") on a part of the former tank farm premises. Other parts of the area will be used for housing construction. In the run-up of revitalization the site had to be investigated concerning subsoil contamination and the remediation (soil and groundwater) had to be supervised.

Outline / Scope of Works:


- Detailed investigation of soil and groundwater contamination.

- Modeling of groundwater flow and contaminant transport (FEFLOW).

- Planning of remediation.

- Coordination of remediation concept with authorities.

- Supervision of remediation, including.

- Soil excavation.

- Groundwater remediation.

- Recovery of product phases.

- Enhanced Natural Attenuation.

-Project data:

- 190,000 m² land area

- Storage volume 26,000 m³

- Massive soil and ground water pollution by mineral oil products

- Cleaning of 200,000 m³ soil and 3 Mio. m³ groundwater, recovery of ca. 2,000 m³ product phase

Outcome / Client Benefits

- Risk-based concept for remediation; complete clean-up of site was not necessary.

- Definition of remediation goals depending on future land use.

- First project of its kind, role model in Romania.

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