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Client // Macquarie

Associate // ESD Shanghai

Project Location // China

Year // 2007


Environmental Occupational Health and Safety, Critical Plant and Equipment Risk Assessment.


Environmental Occupational Health and Safety, Critical Plant and Equipment Risk Assessment on Nine Mega Shopping Centers across China for a Leading Multinational Property Management Company (2007-2010). 

Outline / Scope of Works:

ESD has conducted three rounds of EHS, critical plant and equipment risk assessment for a leading multinational property management company (Macquarie) during the years 2007 ~2010, including 9 retail facilities located in Harbin, Shenyang, Tianjin, Dalian, Jinan, Nanjing, Wuhan, Changsha and Nanning that are managed by their JV partner. ESD led the regulatory and corporate requirements review, developed a detailed checklist against the requirements, conducted site risk assessment, prepared a Risk Assessment and Gap Analysis report for each shopping mall, and completed an overview Risk Management report of the whole portfolio. The risk assessments covered the following topics:



Occupational, Health & Safety


Critical Equipment


-    Emissions to atmosphere


-    Water supply /treatment


-    Waste /odors


-    Drinking water


-    Wastewater and Sanitary


-    Environmental noise


-    Dangerous Goods storage


-    Radiation/ Radon


-    PCBs


-    ODS


-    Contaminated land


-    Groundwater


-    Energy management


-    Asbestos management


-    Lead based paint


-    Legionella


-    Fire safety and alarm systems


-    Occupational exposures


-    Confined space


-    Working at height, working surfaces


-    Machine Guarding


-    Hazardous Energy (lock out tag out)


-    Pressure Vessels


-    Hot and cold work permits 


-    Traffic management/ vehicle access


-    First aid, medical provisions, surveillance,


-    pathogens & vector control


-    PPE


-    Powered lifting gear, lifts and walkways


-    Ergonomics and manual handling 


-    Power supply and emergency power


-    Fire services


-    Lifts / escalators


-    HVAC


-    Lighting


-    Water Supply and Drainage


-    Telecoms


-    Security


-    structural integrity of advertising display boards


Outcome / Client Benefits:

Through the risk assessments, Macquarie asset managers (AM) and property managers (PM) have gained a better understanding of EHS issues associated with their operations, licensing and maintenance requirements of critical plants & equipments, and the benefits of proactive integration of EHS issues into overall portfolio management on an on-going basis.

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