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Client // Confidential

Service // Water Resource Management

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Associate // HPC AG - Prishtinë

Project Location // Bulgaria

Year // July 2012 - November 2012

Disinfection Of A Mineral Water Well

Project Value


Project Description

Pseudomonas bacteria were identified in a new mineral water deep well.

To rule out external sources for the contamination, e.g. construction deficits or a previous earthquake, a video inspection of the whole well and a geophysical integrity test were conducted.

The well was cleaned by brushing and with disinfection agents.

Pump and rising mains were cleaned and disinfected and have been reinstalled under hygienic conditions.

A new pump was inspected for its hygienic condition before installation.


  • Planning, consulting and project management.
  • Development of a tiered catalog of measures and of procedures for hygienic handling of well equipment.
  • Identification and hiring of suitable subcontractors.
  • Coordination of the works on site.
  • Assistance and supervision of the video inspection and the geophysical integrity log.
  • Inspection of pump and rising mains.
  • Assistance and supervision during the well cleaning as well as during the cleaning, disinfection and reinstallation of pump and rising mains.

Client Benefits

  • Optimized processes due to central coordination.
  • The structural integrity of the well has been confirmed.
  • Contamination has been removed.
  • The plant now knows the procedures for the hygienic installation and removal of their production equipment.
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