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Inogen is a global corporation providing multinational organisations with consistent, high quality and cost effective environmental, health and safety solutions. We assist our multinational clients by resolving liabilities from the past, addressing today's requirements and delivering solutions for the future.

  • Disinfection Of A Mineral Water Well

    Pseudomonas bacteria were identified in a new mineral water deep well. To rule out external sources for the contamination, e.g. construction deficits or a previous earthquake, a video inspection of the whole well and a geophysical integrity test were c

  • Source Vulnerability Assessments (SVA) for >70 Coca-Cola Plants in 20 Countries

    The Coca-Cola Company has developed a worldwide program – Source Vulnerability Assessment Level 1 (SVA) – to assess the production water supply reliability for all its plants.

  • Production - Integrated Environmental Protection by Control of Service Water for Cargill in Salzgitter

    Reconstruction of the industrial WWTP to a preliminary treatment plant for the water treatment plant.

  • Drinking Water Sample Program

    A state environmental agency contracted with Antea Group aided the development of an efficient and standardized program to monitor for chemical and biological contaminants