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Inogen is a global corporation providing multinational organisations with consistent, high quality and cost effective environmental, health and safety solutions. We assist our multinational clients by resolving liabilities from the past, addressing today's requirements and delivering solutions for the future.

  • Air Quality Management

    Inogen's EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC) was appointed by National Environment Agency (Singapore) 2009 to analyse urban air quality for the entire nation of Singapore.

  • Wastewater Reuse For American Eird Textile Plant In Dongguang, China

    ESD China was awarded the Engineering-Procurement-Construction (EPC) contract to build a water reuse system as an extension of the existing secondary treatment in response to the most recent regulatory demand for the tex

  • EHS Compliance Audits

    A corporate-wide assessment of compliance with OSHA Process Safety Management (PSM), USEPA Risk Management Program (RMP) and EHS risk across 151 operating facilities in the USA and Canada.