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Client // PT. Vale Tbk

Service // Audits & Assessments

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Associate // Envirosolutions & Consulting ESC Singapore

Project Location // Indonesia

Year // 2011

Air Dispersion Modelling


Air dispersion modelling.


Inogen's EnviroSolutions & Consulting (ESC) was appointed by PT Vale Tbk in 2011 to undertake Air dispersion modeling study to assist in the construction of smoke stacks as part of the facility construction.

Outline / Scope of Works:

The air quality monitoring is conducted by means of three continuous monitoring systems and a one year passive sampler monitoring campaign that is under way in twenty-eight locations. Five meteorological stations are also in use and support input to the modelling system that is based on a multi-model approach. ADMS and CALMET/CALPUFF are the models in use and modelling simulations will be performed all the year round so that the results can be used to estimate air quality all over the interested area integrating the monitoring stations. Finally, all the air quality and meteorological data coming from the monitoring networks, the modelling results and the demographic and geographic data are collected and organized into the GIS/RDBMS system of the Plan. Regular update of the database is performed to enhance the understanding of the mechanisms, relationships and spatial and temporal trends that influence the air quality of the area.

Outcome / Client Benefits:

The project outcomes support and assist to pursue a continuous improvement of the environmental performances of the site in order to limit its potential impacts on the air quality of the area and to keep all the involved stakeholders constantly informed.


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