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News // Web Based Reporting: Flexible & Efficient

Date // 19th March 2012

Nijmegen, The Netherlands

The new trend is for companies to publish their sustainability performance / CSR Report online, rather than as a traditional printed publication. There are many advantages to adopting this approach including;

Information is up-to-date: 'The main idea of web based reporting is to provide all stakeholders immediate access to information explains Ms. Schneider, Consultant for Inogen Associate FIRA. 'Reporting online makes it possible to inform the public when data is still relevant.

Flexible: Using web based reports provides additional flexibility as information can be uploaded or amended at any time.

Efficient: When producing an annual report there is a concentration of effort to collate and produce data often in a short space of time. Some companies plan six-nine months ahead to ensure their report is published on time. Using web based reporting reduces the 'instant' work load. A large part of the work now becomes part of a continuous process.                          

Organisations can also ensure the reporting process meets internal practices and external reporting standards including the Global Reporting Initiative 3.1 (GRI) criteria.

Web Based Assurance

FIRA can provide companies with web based assurance, therefore sustainability claims can be verified continually rather than once a year. Verifying these claims ensures that information is factually correct and provides customers with the opportunity to use the information all year round for marketing purposes. FIRA can also work with a company to ensure the sustainability report meets the GRI guidelines, therefore satisfying all stakeholders.

In 2011, The Coca-Cola Company published their Sustainability Report on the web. The content of this report has been based on the GRI framework.

FIRA used their 'Web Based Assurance' methodology for The Coca-Cola Company, ensuring all claims were verified.

For further information please contact; Floor Schneider

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