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News // The Port of Rotterdam: working together on the best possible port

Date // 25th May 2016

The Port of Rotterdam: working together on the best possible port

 Over the years the Port of Rotterdam has adopted the Mutual Gains approach to ensure that stakeholders are also committed to this mission.


From an environmental perspective. many aspects in the port are on target. Air quality is improving and below European ceilings. The Port authority works hard with all stakeholders to reduce the level of nuisance due to noise or odour. Where necessary, the Port is in dialogue with the industry and surrounding communities, in addition to investments made in an extensive network of electronic noses to monitor conditions for mitigation before complaints arise and/or to better analyze complaints. As a result, the Port's reputation is very strong: 94% of the local residents are proud of the Port of Rotterdam, and 82% give it a license to grow.


In the field of sustainability, the Port of Rotterdam authority can make an impact on the Port and industrial cluster, as well as on various supply chains intersecting with the port. While tackling the various sustainability issues and opportunities, the Port of Rotterdam authority works in close cooperation with its clients in the port, with the local communities, authorities and NGO's. This approach has led to a well-balanced portfolio of projects that enable the creation of economic and social value and a business climate that is ready for sustainable growth.  


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