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News // Sylvain Rouzeau, AnteaGroup, France Appointed to Inogen Board

Date // 9th August 2013

Antea Group continues to contribute to the direction of Inogen Environmental Alliance as Sylvain Rouzeau of Antea Group, France, accepts appointment to the board of directors. Rouzeau fills the vacant board seat resulting from the departure of Bob Karls, International Director - Environment, Antea Group, USA. Karls is stepping down after serving 12 years as one of the original directors of Inogen.

Rouzeau brings international consulting experience, with a particular European perspective, to his new role. As International Manager of Antea Group in France for the last three years, he led teams in French overseas territories expanding work from hydrology and hydrogeology consulting for public facilities in French-speaking African Countries, to sweeping EHS services for private, multinational companies. Recently, he led collaboration with Inogen Partner Environmental Centre IFPA to provide complex due diligence services to Renault in Russia.

"Sylvain's many years of serving clients' EHS needs on a global scale, along with his ability to manage the logistics of providing international support in Africa, Asia, and the widespread French Territories, make him an ideal candidate to serve in this role," affirms Karls.

A water engineer with 19 years of experience, Rouzeau started his career in Poland with a two-year contract providing water and sanitation consulting for a professional training center. Since then, he has held progressive engineering positions providing expertise on international commercial development projects.

As Antea Group's International Director – Environment and a founding member of Inogen, Karls maintains his commitment to advance global client and Inogen relationships. "Serving on the board of this great organization for 12 years has been a privilege," says Karls. "I have been honored to work with so many great professionals from around the world who are our Inogen Associates and GlobalNet members.

Existing Inogen Board Member, Gary Wisniewski, Antea Group, USA, is succeeding Karls as Chairman of the Board. Rouzeau fills the member seat vacated by Wisniewski.

Today, Inogen's reach is unparalleled, with partners and providers on every populated continent, 4,300 staff, and projects completed in more than 120 countries.

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