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News // Presidents message

Date // 9th April 2014

Presidents message

Greetings from Inogen! Although the calendar indicates it is April and therefore spring in the northern hemisphere, in Minnesota as I write this we are waiting for another "winter" snow storm to arrive this afternoon. As I have travelled around the globe this past year meeting with clients and Inogen members, everyone has indicated the weather has been a bit strange - too wet, too dry, too hot or too cold. Certainly in north central United States, the winter needs to move on! Unfortunately, climate change is indeed here to stay and Inogen and our collective clients have and are starting to make a difference in our work places and the communities we live in. 

In our latest edition of Insights there are several articles on how Inogen is working with our clients on sustainable water and energy use. One of the exciting new client markets in the USA is the craft brewery industry. This is a rapidly expanding market and their need to understand and manage their water/waste water and their energy use is needed. We are able to bring our collective experience and knowledge to this new market and help them set off on the right path to a sustainable future. Also, around the water theme is our Integrated Water Management team. This group is comprised of our water experts from around the world and looks at the complete water cycle when supporting our clients. And an article on HPC's work on the European Water Stewardship program.

And by design, "Water, Our Source of Life" is the title of our 22nd WorldView conference hosted by HPC and held in Berlin, Germany September 30, 2014. This conference will focus on all aspects for water – the source, transportation, use, treatment, reuse and disposal. Look for an invitation in the coming months.

On April 17, 2014, Inogen will be hosting an EHSS workshop for our technology clients in Palo Alto, California. We are looking forward to spending a day in dialogue with our clients on issues such as stakeholder engagement, ergonomics, increasing EHSS awareness and regulatory updates from around the world.

I do hope you find this edition of Insights informative and I look forward to seeing you all in Berlin!

‐ Paul Durkee
President, Inogen

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