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News // President's Message - Inogen Around the Globe Making the Difference!

Date // 23rd December 2015

President's Message - Inogen Around the Globe Making the Difference!

In September 2015, our Inogen WorldView® Conference took place in Beijing, China. Inogen shared valuable information about environmental liability management to Chinese investors with overseas investments or plans to invest overseas. Business models for comprehensive soil remediation were presented, as well as an overview of brownfield development in Germany, the United Kingdom and the United States. We also discussed risk-based due diligence in Europe, and environmental and social risk management for Chinese investments in Oceania and America.

Engaging conversations about HSE perspectives and investment opportunities in Brazil and Africa took place, in addition to updates on the general outlook of increasing outbound investments made by Chinese investors in recent years, and the influence of the current legal regime in China. We were pleased to have thirty companies from 15 countries join us, confirming that the Inogen business model makes work easier, global, and less complex.

This edition of Insights is global in nature as well, with interesting topics spanning the UK, Austria, Germany, the Netherlands, Colombia, New Zealand, Singapore and Brazil. If you would like more information about any of the articles, do not hesitate to contact us!

To support our goals of resolving liabilities from the past, addressing today's requirements, and delivering solutions for the future, Inogen will host the Inogen WorldView® Conference in Rotterdam, Netherlands April 19, 2016 (in partnership with Antea Group).The conference will focus on EHS considerations concerning ports and terminals, with the participation of organizations, authorities, and companies from around the globe [see article on page 3 for more information].

As we gear up for our Spring Associate Meeting and the Inogen WorldView® Conference in Rotterdam, I invite you to join us and give us the opportunity to share with you this global experience. Registration is easy; simply go to our website:

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