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News // Oranjewoud appointed to undertake sound measurements of 'Goliath'

Date // 12th November 2012

Oosterhout, The Netherlands

Many countries globally continue to expand their port facilities. This is necessary not only because of increasing trade but also because ships are getting bigger and require larger and deeper harbours with longer quay walls and wider and deeper access channels.

Van Oord is a leading international contractor specialising in dredging, marine engineering and offshore projects (oil, gas and wind). Van Oord requested Oranjewoud to measure the noise production of the 'Goliath', one of the largest backhoes of its kind in the world (a backhoe is a type of dredging pontoon, used to dredge heavy clay). Oranjewoud had previously measured the noise production of other ships for Van Oord. However, on this occasion, Oranjewoud successfully achieved this in a very limited timescale to enable Van Oord to submit an urgent project tender requiring data on sound production. Given the time constraints and the fact that Goliath was busy in the Baltic States, Oranjewoud travelled to the location to perform the noise measurements. This essential information enabled Van Oord to establish whether 'Goliath' could be active through the night during the length of the project, given that there are residents in a nearby village. The time implications of this on a project lasting more than a year would be huge and therefore provided the client with essential cost calculations.

Oranjewoud delivered the project with flexibility and speed, managing to have staff on location in the Baltic States to carry out the work, just four days after having received the initial enquiry from Van Oord.

Oranjewoud is currently preparing to measure the noise production of a number of ships all over the world whereby Van Oord is not only interested in the environmental aspect of noise to people, but also in occupational noise and the underwater noise in order to protect marine life.

For more information please contact Theo Cornelissen, phone + 31 162 487 285 or email

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