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News // "Opportunities Brewing!" for Antea Group USA and Inogen Associates

Date // 9th April 2014

"Opportunities Brewing!" for Antea Group USA and Inogen Associates

In the last 20 years, the number of small independent American craft brewers has grown by nearly 500%. In 1994 only 534 existed. In 2013 that number was a little over 2500 and as of June 1, 2013 there were an additional 1,500 breweries in development!

The majority of Americans live within just 10 miles of a brewery!

In such a rapidly growing industry, craft brewers need increasingly sophisticated technical information for the profitable production of beer. They all want to eliminate barriers to growth and improve cost savings while being viewed as 'the best' in espousing their sustainable brand values. Inogen Associate, Antea Group USA worked with the Brewers Association since 2012, resulting in the launch of  the first ever association-wide sustainability best practice manuals. Antea Group recognized that individual brewers needed a fast, efficient way to be able to synthesize and maximize their usage of the best practices contained within those manuals in their day to day operations. Because, frankly, they just didn't have the time or expertise to sift through all that great information and hit upon the business imperatives key to their unique brewery needs. 

Thus, the "Sustainability Brew-masters Program," was born and implemented by Antea Group Senior Consultants John Stier and Eric Malinowski, who began to pour over a clear value opportunity for the 2500+ craft brewers across North America.  They asked the question, "what if we could bring the BA sustainability manuals ‘to life' in a pragmatic way that helps brewers pinpoint the best path toward improved operational efficiency, increased profitability, and enhanced brand reputation? Even better, given craft brewers time and resource constrains, how cool would it be if Antea Group experts could do this in just one day?!" And so, the Sustainability Roadmap Assessment Solution was crafted. This opportunity hit all the marks - the low notes in keeping with Antea Group's business strategy, the mid-points evoking efforts through Inogen with global clients in the food and beverage industry, and the smooth high points that match the U.S. and global footprint. Today, Antea's Group's solution has become the hot flavour to position them as the dominant EHS&S consulting brand in the market.

1-Day Sustainability Roadmap Assessment

This 1-day sustainability roadmap assessment drives efficiency through operational practice by applying consistent protocols for assessing the level of sustainability performance at a craft brewer facility.  The assessment is conducted by a trained Antea Group sustainability expert who leaves the brewer with a roadmap that outlines tangible opportunities to immediately enhance their operations and prioritize longer-term sustainability initiatives that are fit-for-purpose. Craft brewers participating in this solution are also able to manage their data through the additional dashboard service offering, which introduces brewers to indicator data collection methods and ongoing benchmarking services (and thus allows Antea Group to deepen their relationship with the client and discuss other traditional EHS services).

"Having the right data and a prioritized list of opportunities has helped us to become more efficient and therefore more sustainable. The roadmap provided invaluable insight for us to ensure our capital and technical resources were focused on efforts that returned the greatest business value."

Doug Hindman, Brewery Ops Mgr
Elliott Bay Brewing Co., Burien, WA

Given the thousands of potential brewery clients, a careful vetting process composed of key "readiness" criteria (relationships, production size, interest, expansion plans, proximity to local Antea Group resources, etc.) is used to target the hot prospects.  Antea Group also maximizes their relationship as a trusted partner with the Brewers Association, garnering further exposure as an invited expert on their Sustainability Sub-Committee and through an ongoing national advertising campaign.  The team looks forward to toasting their future work in this rapid-growth sector with this innovative market solution, a team passionate about craft brewing, and relationships with some of the leading-edge craft brewers in the U.S. market-space. 

John Stier
Antea Group USA

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