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News // Inogen WorldView® Conference 2014 – ‘Beyond Carbon Neutral'

Date // 11th December 2014

Inogen WorldView® Conference 2014 – ‘Beyond Carbon Neutral'

The Inogen Worldview Conference®, held in Berlin on 30th September 2014, has achieved ‘Beyond Carbon Neutral' status for delegate travel.

Inogen® Associate, Delta-Simons conducted a travel survey for all conference delegates, requesting their travel details to and from the conference. Delegates travelled via a number of methods including by air, rail and road.

From a response rate of 53%, Delta-Simons calculated average CO2 emissions per delegate, in order to estimate the overall emissions for all 127 registered attendees.

Emissions of the average delegate were calculated to be 918 kgCO2e, with the total estimated to be 116.7 tonnes CO2e.

100% (116 tonnes) of CO2e emissions have been offset using a combination of not-for-profit verified renewable energy and carbon capture schemes. This ensures ‘carbon neutral' status.

Beyond this, a further 50% (58 tonnes) has been removed via carbon sequestration in the form of UK ‘Woodland Carbon' projects, operated by the Woodland Trust.

All carbon offsets were procured by Delta-Simons, on behalf of Inogen.

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