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News // MEP Visit to Select Remediation Sites

Date // 1st August 2012

New Jersey

In August 2012, AnteaTM Group, USA, hosted representatives from Inogen Partner ESD China Limited (ESD) led by the ESD Managing Director Dr. Yu Yang Gong and the Chinese Government's Ministry of Environmental Protection (MEP), which was travelling internationally to learn advanced soil and groundwater clean-up strategies and practices. ESD was selected to assist the MEP in developing regulatory deadlines, permitting processes and best practices for UST remediation in China.

Select remediation sites were visited by the MEP delegation, which were hosted by Antea Group representatives Josh Mahoney (San Jose, CA) and Carla Nascimento (Bridgewater, NJ). The sites visited included the largest, and only, PCB in-situ ozone treatment project in the US, located in Franklinville, NJ, and other sites showcasing Antea Group's expertise in remediation, including San Jose project employing air sparge / soil vent extraction with thermal offgas treatment.

Mr. Mahoney indicated that "the Chinese Delegation and ESD China were eager to learn how the entire remediation process is managed here in the States, from pilot testing procedures, full scale design, permitting, regulatory oversight requirements, financial responsibility, determination, funding and remediation system optimization procedures."

According to Dr Gong of ESD China the MEP delegation feedback was highly positive with the delegates deeming that their time was well spent with Antea Group.

Dr. Gong said "the MEP Delegation was very pleased with the presentation and Antea Group's help and thoughtful EHS orientation. They are very interested in Antea's site work and remedial technologies, and were impressed with on-site EHS prep and training as well as the professionalism of the team. The delegation were also very impressed that Antea Group is currently remediating about 150 similar sites."

Gong further indicated that "he was delighted to be returning the invitation to Antea Group and extending a welcome to them, along with the remediation system contractor Blue Lightning, to visit China to listen to their presentations. This will be especially significant given that In-Situ Chemical Oxidation is going to be a major remediation technology employed in China."

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