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News // Management of Occupational Chemical Exposures: Cost Effective Solutions

Date // 19th March 2012

The Netherlands

Demonstrating  a well organised and structured chemicals management programme has become a key business issue for companies working with chemicals and hazardous substances.

REACH (Registration, Evaluation, Authorisation and Restriction of CHemicals) has come into force within Europe demanding greater responsibility from industry both to manage the risks posed by working with chemicals and to provide information on safe handling. CLP/EU-GHS regulation entered the global market in 2009; introducing a renewed system of classification, labelling and packaging of chemicals. Moreover product stewardship and corporate social responsibility are key business drivers focusing on minimising chemical risks within the company and in the supply chain.

The Health and Safety regulations and compliance for working with substances can be   complex. Factors such as regulations, workplaces and products are continuously changing, therefore a company can soon become non compliant. The traditional management of chemical exposures in the workplace is to rely on technical experts to evaluate workplace hazards and risks, conduct exposure monitoring, compare with the existing OELs (limits) and recommend control measures.

The innovative approach to risk management is to empower   owners/operators to evaluate their own workplaces for hazards and risks and focus resources on practical control solutions rather than expensive exposure measurements.

Together with TNO and Arbo Unie, Inogen Associate Beco has developed a web based tool to support the assessment, prioritisation and control of chemical risks in the workplace. The tool ensures a company is fully compliant to work with chemicals in a cost effective way.

The tool, Stoffenmanager®, Intelligent Chemical Risk Solution, is based on modern exposure models and closes the gap between complex/abstract regulation and practice.

The core models (the Stoffenmanager algorithms) are globally recognised as a valid approach for quantitative exposure assessment. Subsequently, the model has been internationally accepted under REACH and peer reviewed by several renowned scientific journals. Users can define their risks, create a safe workplace, increase critical awareness and operate with  partners within the product chain.

Currently the tools serve over 15,000 registered users, growing every day.

For further information go to or contact, Henri Heussen, Arbo Unie, or Michel van Wijk, Beco

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