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News // Inogen WorldView® Conference 2014 – ‘Beyond Carbon Neutral'

Date // 23rd September 2014

Inogen WorldView® Conference 2014 – ‘Beyond Carbon Neutral'

Inogen® is committed to the environment and takes its corporate social responsibility seriously. As part of this commitment we always choose to calculate the carbon emissions associated with delegates who travel from all over the globe to our INOGEN WORLDVIEW® CONFERENCES. Inogen Associate, Delta-Simons, will be completing the exercise using the latest Greenhouse Gas (GHG) conversion factors to calculate the total carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2eq) emissions.  These will then be offset by at least 200% using a combination of ‘not-for-profit' verified renewable energy schemes and planting of new woodland via the Woodland Trust. 

- Paul Durkee,
President, Inogen®

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