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News // III Groundwater Workshop - Brazil

Date // 12th November 2015

III Groundwater Workshop - Brazil

ANGEL Brazil is sponsoring, in collaboration with Sorocaba Refrescos, the III Groundwater Workshop organized by the Piracicaba, Capivari and Jundiaí rivers Committees (CBH-PCJ), which presents the theme: Learn how to use and protect.

The workshop is occurring in November 12th and 13th, in the Paulista State University (Unesp), located in the municipality of Rio Claro, State of São Paulo, Brazil. The event counts with lectures of state university professors, as well as National Water Agency (ANA), Groundwater Brazilian Association (Abas) and Water and Electricity Department (DAEE) technicians. Besides, the event offers a course of introduction to hydrogeology and execution and interpretation of pumping tests.

According with the Groundwater Technical Board coordinator, Vinicius Rosa Rodrigues, the workshop objective is to discuss the importance of the groundwater as a resource to water supply and, also, to increase the level of awareness related to protection and the risks caused by contamination and irrational exploration. Additionally, it is going to be discussed the need of the insertion of the groundwater in the water resources management, in conjunction with surface water.

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