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News // Delta-Simons supports Antea Group's ‘EHS in the Low-Risk Environment' service in the UK

Date // 23rd December 2015

Delta-Simons supports Antea Group's ‘EHS in the Low-Risk Environment' service in the UK

Following Inogen Associate Meetings in San Jose and Beijing, where Antea Group presented the opportunity associated with EHS in the Low-Risk Environment, United Kingdom-based Inogen Associate, Delta- Simons, has been working with Antea Group to support a number of high tech and high end retail clients with their EHS requirements in the UK and Ireland. The opportunities to engage with retail clients and with facilities management companies presents a significant opportunity for Delta- Simons, given the existing Real Estate client base which Delta-Simons serves in the UK and beyond through the Inogen network.

Inogen's global reach and Antea Group's strong understanding of EHS compliance risks and safety issues prevalent in retail and high tech companies, demonstrated by the existing high profile client base in the US, positions Inogen as a key solution provider in the marketplace. This positioning represents a significant opportunity to Delta-Simons and other Inogen Associates, especially those in Western Europe, to develop business in a new market sector with more companies looking towards ensuring worker safety, regulatory compliance, and corporate responsibility. Potential links to the existing Real Estate and Private Equity due diligence markets where ‘employee well-being' considerations and wider ‘sustainability' matters are beginning to be considered, alongside the more traditional due diligence elements, represent an emerging trend which Inogen is well placed to develop with key clients.

"Delta-Simons is looking forward to working with Antea Group"

As a result of continued instruction through Antea Group for High Tech clients, October saw Delta-Simons open up a Dublin office in order to support the growing low risk EHS requirements for the likes of global personal technology manufacturers. Recruitment is ongoing for a permanent EHS presence in the Dublin office and in the meantime, Lisa Lewis, newly appointed Senior EHS Consultant for Delta-Simons, will be working from our Dublin office to support the growing requirements for Antea Group's high tech clients. Lisa previously worked for the UK's Health & Safety Executive (HSE) as HM Inspector of Health & Safety, and now specialises in compliance auditing, risk assessment, and EHS training for Delta-Simons.

Following a series of collaborative meetings in the UK with Antea Group's Keith Knoke and Angie Stagg, Delta-Simons has now secured their first ‘EHS for the Low Risk Environment' win for a hostel company, Generator Hostels. The client has design- led hostels in Europe and is expanding into the US.They were keen to ensure that each hostel had the correct EHS measures in place. Generator is owned by a Private Equity company, and further opportunities are anticipated following this initial success. Delta-Simons, is now working towards further business development opportunities for the likes of Savills, a global property services company headquartered in the UK.

Following the enthusiastic response of UK clients to this service, Delta-Simons is looking forward to working with Antea Group to host the next EHSxTech conference in London on 14 April 2016.

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