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News // CO2 Emission Reduction for Hydro Power Projects in Albania

Date // 18th June 2012

Vienna, Austria

Vienna based denkstatt GmbH has performed several CO2-reducing projects for hydro power plants in Albania. These projects have resulted in the generation of emission reduction credits, which are then sold and thus contribute to the financing of the project.

Over the past three years several CDM (Clean Development Mechanism) for small and large scale hydro power projects, ranging from 10 to over 300 MW installed capacity, have been successfully implemented for several different clients. Since the beginning of 2012 denkstatt has also begun to develop the "new" mechanism of PoAs (Programmes of Activities) also in the hydro power sector.

These projects are aimed to bundle several similar projects under one administrative umbrella, serving as a project base for other projects that will come in the next 28 years!

It is true, the Kyoto Protocol will terminate at the end of 2012! However the European Union's Emission Trading Scheme is secured to continue after 2013. So it is still possible to use emissions certificates, generated in CDM or PoA projects after 2013 with this scheme. As well as that, there are other regional Emission Trading Schemes currently being developed – in Australia, Asia and Northern America – which will use these certificates!

denkstatt's work on the projects has included the development of the CDM and PoA project documentation, including the calculation of the CO2 emission reduction of the projects baseline emissions, documentation of environmental and socio-economic effects as well as the additional economic effects of the projects.

The projects have also included a survey of the off-grid generation capacity of electricity which is often the case in countries with poor security of electricity supply. Using this new approach the company has managed to derive a very high CO2 emission factor for electricity generation projects in Albania, leading to a significant economic contribution for project financing.

One of those CDM projects – "Devoll Hydropower (DHP), Albania" - has already been registered by UNFCCC, another "CDM Ashta" will be opened in autumn.

"We are delighted to announce that our project "HPP Ashta" has been submitted at the UNFCCC. We are especially happy to hear, that we were able to defend our calculation methodologies. This is due to the great commitment of all the stakeholders who have supported this project in recent years. I would like to thank everyonone involved for helping us achieve this!" Mr. Herwig Rabitsch, ENERGJI ASHTA Shpk (Client project leader)

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