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News // Berlin Gears up for Inogen's 22nd Worldview® Conference

Date // 23rd September 2014

Berlin Gears up for Inogen's 22nd Worldview® Conference

Nearly 150 experts will be travelling from all over the globe to attend the 22nd Inogen Worldview® Conference on Tuesday 30th September 2014 in Berlin. The event will see an unparalleled set of expert collective minds in one place - showcasing the international skill set, experience and knowledge of our 12 Inogen Alliance companies.

As well as Inogen Associate representatives, other speakers on the day include representatives from the European Water Stewardship (EWS); the German Federal Office of Environment; the Academy of Avans, Netherlands; Technical University Berlin; Infraserv Hoechst, a global Industrial site operator for services & products in the chemical and pharmaceutical industry, and the International Labour Organization Indonesia.

Presentations, interactive discussions, round tables and networking will all form part of the day – topics covered will be as follows:-

  • Inogen's Integrated Water Management
  • Mineral water "From the source and production into the bottle"
  • Bio Based Economy, Water Scarcity,
  • Renewable Nutrients within Wastewater
  • Water Footprint of European Cars: Potential Impacts of Water Consumption along Automobile Life Cycles
  • Floods: "What's in it for my company"
  • European Water Stewardship (EWS)
  • Wastewater Treatment in Industrial Zone Frankfurt Hoechst
  • Water Management in Gold Mining
  • Water Contamination by Pharmaceutical Pollutants
  • Water/Wastewater in the textile sector
  • Forecast of Groundwater recharge in closed lignite opencast pit

Hans-Jürgen Schneider of Inogen Associate, HPC AG said "HPC is delighted to be hosting Inogen's 22nd Worldview® Conference in Berlin. The key topic for this year's conference is "Water" which affects everybody in the world. Delegates can expect to hear experts from around the world who will provide their perspective and insight into a host of challenges in the water sector. 

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