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News // Antea®Group participates in the Southern Peruvian pipeline

Date // 22nd July 2015

Antea®Group  participates in the  Southern Peruvian pipeline

Antea®Group Colombia is participating in one of the most important projects in Perú, the definition of the path and geotechnical design of the Southern Peruvian pipeline and its branches at the engineering level FEED (Front End Engineering Design). Among the special sites there are 86 major stream crossings and countless of crossings of narrow landforms that will require special designs.


The Southern Peruvian Pipeline is currently the most important project for design and construction for an oil pipeline in South America. Consists of a pipeline comprising a trunkline (928 km) and three branches (45 km, 58 km and 28 km) for a total of 1059 km. This US$ 1.1 million project is a challenge for Antea®Group Colombia for the special conditions of the region. It starts in Gas Separation Plant Falkland of the Camisea field in the Peruvian jungle, passing through three major physiographic areas (180 km in the forest, 602 km in the mountains at more than 4,850 meters above sea level with the presence of areas of high environmental and social sensitivity, and 146 km in the coastline) and its layout is developed by 35% at altitudes between 4,000 meters and 4,850 meters.

southern-peruvian-pipelineOur challenge is to perform the best geotechnical alignment for the South Peruvian pipeline, which must pass through the three major physiographic regions of Peru (Amazon Rainforest, Sierra and Costa), characterized by their great geological, geomorphological and geotechnical complexity. This poses a challenging effort from Antea®Group to ensure a delivery to the client complying with the most demanding HSE conditions.

This project is expected to finish in November 2015 and has opened new opportunities for Antea®Group in Peru and joint ventures with other leading engineering consulting companies in Colombia like Tipiel.

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