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News // In France, Antea Group has acquired Groupe IRH Environnement

Date // 21st May 2016

In France, Antea Group has acquired Groupe IRH Environnement

A mutually beneficial association, these two groups combined constitute a major figure in the fields of environmental engineering and urban planning in France. Their geographic scope of operations has expanded and the range of expertise they offer has broadened. Thus, the respective clients for both groups will have the advantage of greater services and availability. This association will also promote greater innovation, since R&D is a shared focus of development. 

Two major figures in the field of environmental consulting and engineering join forces:

As one of the most prominent, independent French companies in the field of environmental engineering, Groupe IRH Environnement has, since its founding in 1953, played a leading role in the following areas: 

  • Measurements and sampling (water and air), management and treatment of drinking water and wastewater, with its subsidiary: IRH IC.
  • Analysis and control of environmental risks (especially the soil), with its subsidiary: ICF.

Ranked 13th in the European STD classification at the end of 2014, Antea Group is an international leader in engineering and consulting in the fields of environment, infrastructure, water and urban planning. The combination of these two companies will strengthen their standing in French and international markets, where they will continue to jointly provide all of their trades and services.  In France, the new organisation now includes more than 900 employees and has a joint turnover of 100 million euros.

Focuses of development:

This association should serve as a basis for creating value in three key areas:

  • Expertise in wastewater treatment will be developed at the international level.
  • IRH IC offers measurement and control services to a broad portfolio of clients, both public and private, to whom Antea Group will be able to offer a large range of diversified services.
  • Activities related to soil remediation works will be developed both in France and internationally, consolidating the skills, networks and client portfolios of both companies.

These enhancements fit with the innovation policy established by both companies.  In late 2014, Antea Group substantially upgraded its innovation department, which now has a staff of more than 70 persons. The complementary dynamics of their expertise will be a key factor in their drive to accelerate innovation, networking with academic researchers and innovative firms and start-ups, and collaborative R&D projects (Antea Group conducted more than 12 R&D projects in 2015, accounting for an input of nearly 15 million euros, essentially from European financing).

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